reading tutors in College Station

reading tutoring College Station TX

Reading is one of those fundamental skills where if a child falls behind, it can affect the rest of their work dramatically. Here at Athena, we have some of the most skilled teachers in this area so that your child will see dramatic improvements at a very rapid pace. The combined experience of our reading tutors is unmatched in College Station. We offer different programs to match your child’s age and reading level. We will customize a program specifically for their needs. See below and click thru for more information on each program.

  • Little Readers – our Sing, Spell, Read and Write program for younger readers
  • Elementary Reading – Quick Reads
  • Literacy Program – 4th thru 8th grades
  • Specialty Literacy Program – Custom designed reading for ages 9th and up


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10am - 8pm Monday thru Friday
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